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7 Best Vape Tricks For Beginners

Today, we’re taking a break from the usual cigarette-to-e-cigarette journey to explore the mesmerizing world of vape tricks. Vaping isn’t just about nicotine; it’s an art form. If you’ve been in the vaping scene for a while, you’ve likely dabbled in vapor-powered stunts, from crafting elegant smoke rings to conjuring unique shapes. In this playful guide, we’ll uncover the coolest vape tricks that will have you manipulating vapor like a magician. Unlike fleeting puffs of cigarette smoke, vaping offers denser, more substantial clouds that linger to amaze and entertain. While vape tricks might not be everyone’s cup of tea, they provide an engaging diversion from the world of tobacco, adding a dash of fun to this otherwise serious topic.

Which Mix Is Best for Vape Tricks?

To maximize the effect of the following tricks and have even more fun vaping, you should tweak the mix of your e-liquid a little. While we’re usually more concerned with creating a smoking-like experience and adding Propylene Glycol to achieve that, the focus of the tricks is a little different. The point here is not to take a hit but to produce as much vapor as possible when vaping. For this reason, mixing e-liquid with more vegetable glycerin makes sense to get the most out of cloud formation. Also, nicotine can be left out for the tricks, especially if you plan to practice a lot. After all, this is not about smoking but rather the fun side effect of the e-cigarette. Flavors can also be saved initially for the highest vape effect.

The Optimal Preparation

Vape tricks are best practiced indoors with closed doors and windows to prevent the vapor from dispersing in the wind. If others are around, ask them to avoid sudden movements to maintain your tricks’ integrity. Don’t forget to temporarily disable smoke detectors to prevent false alarms, but remember to turn them back on afterward to avoid any fire hazards.

1.Simple Smoke Rings

The most famous vape trick is creating smoke rings, and here’s the good news: it’s quite easy with some practice. After a few tries, you can usually blow a great circle. To make it more impressive, work on producing more rings or vary their size. Inhale a deep puff of vapor, no more than you can comfortably hold. Now, press some vapor into your mouth, forming an “O” shape. To create a series of rings, try to cough gently, as if clearing your throat. Practice makes perfect; the longer you practice, the better and more impressive your rings will become.

2.The Dragon

The dragon trick: exhale vapor through nostrils and sides of your mouth, mimicking a fire-breathing dragon. Master breath control and directional flow by gently pressing lips, creating side openings. Practice for impressive results.

3.The Jellyfish

Known as the “Atomic Bomb,” this trick builds upon mastering smoke rings. The concept is straightforward: blow a small smoke ring through a larger one, creating the illusion of a floating jellyfish. The trick lies in precise aiming and starting with the larger ring. Precision takes practice, and you might use up some vape juice perfecting it.

4.The Waterfall

Ever noticed how vapor can take on a beautiful, almost watery appearance when it flows smoothly? To achieve this, try the Waterfall trick by exhaling vapor into a bottle with ice at the bottom, letting it gather near the ice, and then pouring it out for a mesmerizing effect.

5.The Snap Inhale/Ghost Inhale

Ever seen a vapor plume that resembles a ghostly figure when exhaled? That’s the inspiration behind the Ghost Inhale, where you release a puff of vapor and swiftly inhale it back in, often referred to as a “snap inhale” due to its quick, snap-like motion. With practice, it appears as if you’re exhaling and then hitting a rewind button, magically drawing the vapor back into your mouth.

6.The French Inhale

Mastering the French Inhale is simple yet visually striking. Here’s the trick: draw the vapor into your mouth, push your bottom lip out, release a small amount of vapor with a slow exhale, and seamlessly transition to inhaling through your nose. When executed correctly, the remaining vapor in your mouth will gracefully flow out. With a bit of practice, you’ll swiftly conquer the French Inhale and be ready to tackle the next trick!

7.The Bane

Mastering the Bane Inhale is one of the most visually impressive feats for any vaper. To embark on this journey, first, ensure you’ve mastered the art of French Inhale, particularly the skill of creating dense vapor within your mouth. Once you’ve honed this technique, you’re ready to dive into the captivating world of the Bane Inhale.

In the world of vaping, where clouds become your canvas, mastering these seven mesmerizing vape tricks can transform your experience into an art form. From the ethereal beauty of smoke rings to the captivating dance of a Waterfall, and the impressive prowess of the Bane Inhale, each trick has its unique charm.

Remember, these tricks aren’t just about showmanship; they’re a delightful diversion from the world of tobacco, a playful exploration of what you can achieve with vapor. With practice and patience, you can turn every vaping session into a mesmerizing performance.

So, whether you’re a vaping aficionado or just starting your journey, embrace the fun and creativity that vape tricks offer. Explore, experiment, and most importantly, enjoy the enchanting world of vape artistry. Happy vaping!

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