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TPD Legislation in Spain and Everything You Should Know

Many doubts arise regarding vaping since many people are unaware of what the electronic cigarette legislation dictates. Since its last update to also regulate the e-cigarettes, the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) has entirely changed the vaping industry in the EU. Since then, each member state has launched its own version of the stipulations for vape products. The vapers are searching for TPD vape to make sure they can still vaping under the new law.

Today, we will introduce the TPD in Spin.

If you are a vaper in Spain or interested in the topic, this post will be worth reading as we will tell you everything you need to know about Spanish legislation around e-cigarettes.

Before, it was not very clear in which places you could vape or not because the legislation separated regular cigarettes from electronic ones, so disagreements and problems could arise between citizens.

Currently, in the legislation of the electronic cigarette in Spain, all the scenarios are reflected so that citizens can enjoy their moment without any problem.

What Are Electronic Cigarettes?

Before starting with the legislation on electronic cigarettes in Spain, we at Airtekvape believe it is convenient for you to know what the regulations regarding electronic cigarettes refer to.

Electronic cigarettes are devices that have a battery that allows them to heat a substance and transform it into vapor. Because they use steam instead of smoke like regular cigarettes, these types of cigarettes are known as vapes.

Now that we know what the electronic cigarette legislation in Spain includes, we are going to explain what this law dictates:

E-Cigarette Regulations

As we mentioned at the beginning, many doubts often arise regarding where you can vape and if there is a law that genuinely regulates e-liquids and other accessories for vapers.

We must emphasize that the legislation regulating electronic cigarettes is more flexible than tobacco, and all of this is registered can be found here.

Before we dive into the detail of the rules, we want you to know that the legislation around e-cigarettes is indeed necessary as it can not only ensure the industry develops healthy but also protect the vapers within the EU so they can vape safely.

With this concept in mind, let’s jump into the rules of TPD.

Liquids To Vape

One of the things that this legislation contemplates is the liquids suitable for vaping since some include nicotine.

The law establishes that these liquids that incorporate nicotine must be marketed in refillable containers and that their maximum capacity must be 10 ml; if they are not refillable, the capacity will decrease to 2 ml.

It also specifies that the amount of nicotine in these containers is 20 milligrams per milliliter.

On the other hand, this type of liquid is also strictly forbidden to contain any additive or extra vitamin since it is considered harmful to health, as is the case with stimulants.

Finally, the legislation on electronic cigarettes in Spain also dictates that the liquids that incorporate nicotine must be completely safe so that no minor can manipulate them.

Is Vaping Prohibited?

No, but it is true that vaping is limited, and you can’t vape in all places; in most areas, they warn of this prohibition, but not in all cases.

Can I Vape Indoors?

The law does not prohibit vaping in any closed space; it does contemplate that you can’t vape where the area belongs to a public institution, such as public transport, a county council, or town halls, among others.

We recommend you always ask in any closed space if you can use your vaper to save yourself from possible problems; if they permit you, it’s time to enjoy.

And In The Case Of A Bar?

Some bars have restricted tobacco use even on their terraces; what happens in the case of Vaping? Well, we will explain it to you below.

Again, we will have to ask about the company’s policy to find out if we can vape or not, although it is true that usually, no problem occurs on terraces, especially considering the sweet smell that some of the e-liquids that we can consume have.

At this point, we recommend that you always be respectful, and in the case of being able to make someone uncomfortable, do not use your vape.

At this point, we also want to talk about the clubs, the law does not prohibit using the vape, and certain clubs have the possibility of using hookahs, so there should be no problem. Still, again we should check if it is possible according to company policy.

Vaping Outdoors: Are There Restrictions?

If you have been a smoker or are a smoker in your environment, you will know that smoking outdoors is prohibited near a school, medical center, or a specialized place for minors, such as a park.

In the case of vaping, this does not happen, and there is no type of limit when it comes to vaping outdoors, so it is your moment to enjoy.

Can I Vape At My Workplace?

There is no legal prohibition unless you work in a public institution, as we have mentioned before, but you must be guided by company policy; if your boss does not cause problems, you can vape freely during your working day.

What Happens In Public Places?

In shopping malls, cinemas, etc. There is no legal prohibition on vaping. However, you will need to know the site’s policy to see if they allow it or not.

Now that you know what regulates the electronic cigarette legislation in Spain, you can vape freely and enjoy those unique and delicious moments.

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